Global Politics Review
Volume 3 / Issue 1 / April 2017


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UNRWA and the Palestinian Precedent: Lessons From the International Response to the Palestinian Refugee Crisis
Anne Irfan

Including the Crime of Terrorism Within the Rome Statute: Likelihood and Prospects
Mateo Corrales Hoyos

Islamist Forces, Political Reordering of Libya and Exiles in Cairo
Jie Wang

From Immigrants to Sex Offenders: The Case of a Failed Integration System in Norway
Elisa Chavez

GATS-Minus Trade Agreements: Why the Managerial School Does not Apply
Gordon Gatlin


A Presumptive Right to Exclude: From Imposed Obligations To A Viable Threshold
Benedikt Buechel


Centrifugal Empire: Central-Local Relations in China. By Jae Ho Chung. Columbia University Press, 2016
Book Review by Giuseppe Gabusi

The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century. By Stein Ringen. Hong Kong University Press, Distributed by Columbia University Press, 2016
Book review by Maximilian Ernst


The Displaced
Nate Kerkhoff

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