Global Politics Review
Volume 5 / Issue 1 & 2 / 2019


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Japan’s Defense Diplomacy in South East Asia
Daniel Foulkes Leon

Addressing the Crimes of Torture and Enforced Disappearances in Latin America
Mateo Corrales Hoyos

EU as Principal-orchestrator: Horizontal Policy Externalisation Through Intermediaries
Antonio Salvador Alcazar III

Sunni Iraqi Women After the ‘Caliphate’: Why Have They Been Ignored?
Busra Nisa Sarac

Vladimir Putin and the “Stalin Myth:” How Russia’s President Invokes Stalin to Fortify His Political Stature
Jacob Lewis Calloway

Border, Pakistan, trade, security, citizens, refugees
J. Riaz Hussain



Book Review – Ethiopia and the Nile: Dilemmas of National and Regional Hydropolitics
Semahegn Asmare Belay

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